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Paul Nichols owner CWD

Paul Nichols owner of Cadillac Web Development

Paul Nichols formed Cadillac Mountain Web Development in 2006. Paul taught himself web-design and many of the programming languages. He started teaching himself computer programming in the late 1970’s using a form of BASIC on an HP9820 that his father brought home. He made his first games a version of Space Invaders and Black Jack. He continued to program through high school using a TSR-80 color computer. In college and in his career he continued to use his expertise in computer programming, and developed a program to calculate sun angle to correct data from UV-b monitors.

At the suggestion of a friend he started to teach himself HTML; the basic language of web sites. Even though many programs will practically write the code for you, he decided it would be better to learn the process from the ground up. Later he taught himself Javascript, PHP, and My SQL, again from the ground up. In the past year he has started to become proficient in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator.

Paul listens to the customers needs, and designs each site to fit the needs of customer. He says his goal is “Always World Class Service”. Contact him to design or maintain your site.